DUPE ALERT! Today i found another dupe, and this time for one of my favorite MAC lipsticks called "shy girl". And i can tell you already: the dupe is only $4! Want to know which one it is? Then keep on reading!

As many of us, I love to have little bit of a nice tan going on. Normally I'm very fair (nc10-nc15 for reference). So I regularly use a tanning mouse to keep me looking healthier and sunkissed. The only problem is that applying these mouses to your face is quite bad and it tends to break me out, so my face always stays a lot lighter than the rest of my body. Quite a while ago I came across this facial tanning oil from Collistar called the "face magic drops". Want to know my thoughts on it? Then keep on reading.. 

Shopping online can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to makeup. There are so many makeup shops out there, but which one can you trust? As I live in the Netherlands and the brands and shade ranges are very limited here I order most of my makeup from foreign countries. Many of my friends ask me where to buy certain brands and I even got one request to write a post like this: so here I'm.

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Mac lipsticks are one of my favorite (If not my favorite) lipsticks. I love seeing other people's makeup collections in order to find out what products they have and really love and thought to share a sneakpeak into my lipstick collection. I hope you'll enjoy!

Dupe alert! Today the very first post of a new series in which I will share all dupes that I come across in my makeup collection. Anastasia Beverly Hills Rosewood is a beautiful lipstick, but also $18 dollars. Gerard Cosmetics 1995 is $19, but GC often has great discounts. Keep reading if you want to know whether you really need both shades or you can save yourself some money.


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