It is time for a new start!

For a long time I was debating in which direction I wanted to take my blog. I've always loved blogging but ever since I came back from my "study abroad" year I just wasn't completely satisfied with it. I found it to be too chaotic: some personal stories, some articles about traveling, product reviews, tutorials, hauls, some fashion items, and sometimes an article about lifestyle.. Too many different topics, too few posts per topic. 

I want "Makeup By Francoise" to become a place where people go to when they are interested in a product but first need to know more about it before making up their mind on whether to purchase it or not. That is why I've decided that from now "Makeup by Francoise" will for the majority contain very detailed reviews. In order to make these reviews as reliable as possible I want them to be completely objective, taking away all the biases (or influences) that I may have (had) about a product or brand ,due to stories I've heard and previous experiences that I've had with that particular brand. I have created some formulas (I'm such a nerd haha) that will calculate the final scores of the product so that it is easy to compare the product to other products.

From 2018 on, every sunday a new article will be uploaded. For now I've taken down all my previous posts and probably will re-test and rewrite them.

I'm very excited about this new start and I hope you will enjoy it too! On another note; what do you think of my new website?



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