Friday, February 3, 2017


Has been a while since I posted something on my blog. Over the last months I actually have been quite busy with school, my exams in Spain, aranging things for my internship, moving back to Holland and also some personal stuff. Today I wanted to share some things that I bought over the last few months in one big makeup/beauty haul. I hope you'll enjoy!

First of all: these beautiful lipsticks from the MAC x Mariah Carey collection. I actually ordered one  online (Oh Daahling) and let it be delivered at home in Holland, but when I was walking in the city centre of Valencia I saw that MAC had the entire collection for sale already. When I was swatching them I discovered that I actually liked Mkizzle better than the one that I had ordered, so I bought that one as well with the intention of selling the other one (which I of course never ended up doing). 

Because I wanted to start freelancing I decided to expand my brush collection. I bought two "zoeva" sets on aliexpress. My first impression: they are okay. A bit too soft for my liking.
Then this foundation: the EX1 invisiwear. I've been wanting to try this foundation for sooo long, but never got the chance because of the shade range which existed out of 3 shades. Thank the lord that a few months ago EX1 decided to extent the shade range. They even have some extremely pale shades, which is perfect for me.

Then a liquid lipstick set from colourpop. This was called "up and away" if I remember it correctly. It has a nice pinky nude (calypso), an orange (mama) and a orangy brown (..). The colours are amazing, I really like them.

Then another set from Aliexpress. These brushes are from the brand Jessup, which is a brand Chrissspy used a lot back in the day. When I saw these online, I remember that she talked about these quite often, so I decided to give them a shot.

This blush palette by Morphe was something that was on my wishlist for a long time, but never was in stock until recently. This is the 9n palette, which is full of peachy/neutral tones which i'm really into. 

I was in need of a good eyeprimer for a while. The urban decay primer potion is not really my favorite, so I decided to give Mac soft ochre paintpot a try. I also needed a new eyeliner, since my essence gel liner is completely dried out and is out of their assortment. I always hear good things about the maybelline one, so i'm really curious how I will like this one.

Yes, another foundation. These were on sale on Asos, so i decided to give these a try as well, since I heard good thing about them on youtube. I actually though 220 was a lot darker, which would have been nice because I wanted to get some darker shades for in my kit as well.

More lipsticks! You have already seen two of these but the other two are Gerard Cosmetics "everything nice" and MAC "shy girl". I'm in love with both. Everything nice is the perfect pinky brown nude for my skin tone. Most pinky browns turn out straight brown or even purple on me, but this one doesn't so that is great! Shy girl is now my everyday peachy nude.

And this beauty is Colourpop's "bae" eyeshadow. I once saw Rachel Kromdijk using it , and I fell in love. It is sooo stunning.

And another colourpop liquid lipstick: mugshot. This one is a metallic one, which I actually got for free. I'm not really metallic liptrend to be completely honest, but it is a fun colour to experiment with.

Then two more lipsticks: both from Primark. The one on the left is 2 euro's, the one on the right is from their more professional collection and therefore is 4 euros. I have to say that I'm really impresssed. The colours are beautiful and they feel very nice on the lips. And on the right you have a colourswitch by Bh Cosmetics. I also bought a Bh Cosmetics beauty blender, which I forgot to photograph, but that one is amazing! Definitely recommend giving that one a try since it only is $5.

On the left we have the RCMA no colour translucent powder, which everyone was raving about since Jaclyn Hill mentioned it. So far I like it. On the right you see the milani conceal and perfect foundation. I already had this one, but in one shade darker, which was a tad too dark for me. So hopefully this one will match me better.

Then we have this kiko contour stick, which i'm obsessed with! It is soo good! Blends out really easily and gives a very natural look. I love it.

For the people who have been following me for quite some time might know that I had these concealers before, but that I depotted them. Unfortunately they dried out because the containers were not airtight.. Ouch. So i purchased a few a new ones.

And now some tools. Not super interesting, but i still wanted to show them to you. The applicators are both from aliexpress and the blotting papers and powderpuff from BH cosmetics. 

I also purchased the Inglot duraline, a product with which you can make eyeliners out of powder and which you can use for dried out products such as dip brows and gel liners. I'm really excited to try out some cool stuff with this.
And then last but definitely not least: the mary loumanizer from the balm. A staple in everyone's makeup collection. I don't know why I didn't have this, but i'm glad I do now because I almost use it every single day.

Well this was a long one. I hope you enjoyed. I always like seeing what everyone buys and uses, so thought to share this with you as well. What are your favorite products that you bought over the last few months?

Much love,