Sunday, December 11, 2016


A few years ago, when these Smashbox came out with their first full exposure palette, everyone was talking about it. Youtube was full of tutorials and I remember it being mentioned in almost every favorites video. However, nowadays you barely here anyone about it anymore. Was it just a hype? Or is it truly a good palette? If you want to know the answer, then keep on reading.. 

At first sight the palette looks really beautiful. You can see that Smashbox really thought well about the colour selection. The upper row only shimmer/glitter eyeshadows and the bottom row completely matte. Besides that the left side of the palette is warm toned, the right side is cool toned. This makes it very versitile and perfect for day and night looks.
The packaging itself is quite pretty. I like how sleek it looks, with the holographic letters, the soft feel of it and the mirror on the inside. It even comes with brush, which actually is quite nice.

I find working with the shimmery colors really easy, but you can get a little fall out. Also the lighter matte colors are nice and smooth as well. The darker mattes are harder. I find them a little dry and patchy, which makes blending a lot harder.

The pigment of the shimmery shadows is really good, and when applied with fix plus or a nice base underneat they look stunning. The matte ones do not swatch that great. I had to go in twice to get the pay-off you see in the picture. And even then they are not that pigmented. As you can see, the first one and the last two look really patchy. On the eyes however they look very pretty. They do not apply as much color at onces, which makes the entire blending process a whole lot easier. (When you have very pigmented shadows you need to watch out when applying them because you dont want to add too much, and you really need to take your time blending: which is not the case with this pallete)

So, to answer my own question: no this palette wasn't hyped up. I absolutely love this for quite everyday eyelooks: you have your mattes and shimmer, both cool and warm toned. Although the pigment of the dark shadows do not seem great when swatched, they apply very nicely to the eyes and it takes very little time to blend them out seemlessly.

Did any of you try out this palette? And what are you thoughts on it?



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