Saturday, November 26, 2016


A while ago the Bodyshop came out with some new masks, from which one the himalayan charcoal purifying mask. Normally, I'm not someone who gets really excited about face masks or skin care in general. But when I heard Desi Perkins say so many good things about it I had to give it a try. Want to know if it is really worth 20 euros? Then keep on reading.. 

First of all the mask smells really nice. I smells quite fresh and "clean", but it definitely is not overwhelming. With the jar you get a small spatula, with which you can scoop out a little bit of the product before applying it so that the remaining product stays free from any bacteria.

I have to say that you don't need a lot of product to cover your entire face. So this jar will last you quite long. I think you will definitely get at least 10, maybe even 15, uses out of it. When applied, the mask feels kind of cold and the longer you leave it on the thighter it will get. It even gets a little uncomfortable towards the end. When everything is completely dry, it's time to take it off. I found it quite hard to do so in a gentle way, so I prefer to take it all off in the shower, which makes it a whole lot easier.
Personally, I'm really impressed with the results. My skin feels super soft, and looks really healthy. Also my pores are less visible and I feel like it really pulled out all of the dirt from my skin.  I've never seen a mask make that much of a difference.

I honestly am really impressed with this mask. Before this I used to use those simple $3 masks from dr. van de Hoog and Montagne Jeunesse, but I never really saw a difference in the way my skin looked after using it. This mask actually does! As said, my skin feels softer, and looks clearer, my pores are less visible and it makes my skin look healthy. I'm a huge fan!

What is your favorite face mask?



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