Sunday, September 18, 2016


The ones who follow me on my makeup instagram might have seen this look about a week ago already. Today I will explain how I created this look and list all products and brushes used. By the way, I'm trying to improve my eyepictures, so all tips are welcome!  I hope you like it! 

I started off by doing my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in medium brown. I mainly focussed this on the middle and outer part of the brow, since it is very pigmented and dark and I don't want boxy-brows. That's why I used their browpowder in the shade "medium brown" in the inner-parts. After that I used a tiny tiny bit of MAC studio fix concealer to clean up the brows.

For the eyes I used the Urban Decay primer potion to prime my eyes first and then I set it using a bone colored shade from the Smashbox full exposure palette. Then I went in with my first shade, which is "Cupcake" by Makeup Geek, and used that as my transition colour using a large fluffy brush (Zoeva 228 crease). I was quite generous with this, because I wanted the pink to be really visible. After that I used a black eyepencil from Bourjois to create a dark base for the next color. I blended that out a bit with a small firm brush (Zoeva 223 petite eyeblender) and after that I immediately went in with the black color from the Smashbox pallete using a flat brush (Zoeva 234 smokey shader). At first I didn't really worry about the pigmentation, but more about the blending.
Obviously a light pink and a black won't blend well together and that is why I decided to use a slightly purpley brown (morphe 24 deep cocoa) in the crease, and slightly above it to make my eyes look a bit larger, with a smaller fluffy brush (MAC 217) and a pointy blending brush (Zoeva 231 petite crease). And then it is all about the blending. I went back and forth between the 3 colors until i was satisfied with the result.
To finish the look I decided to use a glitter shadow (the first one in the smashbox pallete). To make it more pigmented I made my brush a bit wet using the KIKO mixing solucion. For my innercorner I used Makeup Geek "Shimma shimma". 

My lashes are the "dingsen" lashes from aliexpress, which are only $1 for 5 pieces and look a lot like the ardell wispies.

I hope you like it!