Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Beauty products don't always have to cost a lot of money and be from an amazing brand. Recently I placed an order at Aliexpress and bought quite a few new makeup brushes and some other tools and I have to say that I'm actually quite impressed by the quality of some of the products. Want to know what I bought and if I recommend checking them out? Then keep on reading..

One thing I really needed was a big fluffy fan brush. I only have a really small one, but I barely use it because it is too small for my liking. I bought this one for around $1.50, which is a really good price point. So far I have been really liking this brush. It is really soft and fluffy and it applies my highlightr really nicely. 

 Another brush I saw on the website was this really small kabuki brush. It really reminded me of the Marc Jacobs one that Jaclyn Hill uses every once in a while in her tutorials. I did not have a kabuki brush yet so I also added this one to my card. The brush is really soft and I really like the coverage this brush gives me, but you have to be a bit careful though. It might apply it a bit cakey and it actually soaks up a lot of foundation.

And then we have this brush set, which I only paid $8 for. These look like the bold metals collection from Real Techniques but these are a lot more affordable. The eyeshadow brushes are a little big for the eyes, but one of them is really nice for contouring your nose. My favorite brush from this set is the large powder brush, which I use for my bronzer. I really recommend this set even though you might not use all brushes, some of them are really good!

I also ordered some duplicates from the Lime Crime Velvetines. I have to say, usually I wouldn't buy fake makeup because you never know the true ingredients. However, Lime Crime has some amazing colours such as pumpkin and riot but I don't want to support their company. This is because lime crime had quite a few scandals including taking huge amounts of money from peoples' accounts and buying their products from other makeup brands which were significantely cheaper. Therefore I decided to buy some fake ones. The good thing is: these were only $2! So far I really like them but I'll test them out a bit more and write a full review on them.

Another amazing product I bought was this makeup remover wipe from cleanjoy. This is a $3 dupe for the makeup eraser. What is basically does is removing all your makeup just with water. It is really soft, and stays soft after washing it in the washing machine, and it really does take of all your makeup! I put it to the test a while ago, and used a normal makeup remover afterwards, but barely anything came of my face. I really recommend checking this one out!

Did you ever buy anything from Aliexpress that you really recommend?