Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A while ago I received my first colourpop order and I can tell you: I'm in love with their products! (click here for the haul) Today I'm reviewing this highlighter in the color lunch money. Want to know what I think of this budget highlight? Then continue reading..
Colourpop lunch money highlighter

The packaging is not that outstanding, but what do you expect for only $8? In my opinion it looks a little cheap but it is really sturdy. So, nothing to complain about.
Colourpop lunch money highlighter review
Unfortunately my highlighter arrived broken, but that is no problem at all because of the formula. The texture is really smooth, creamy and bouncy and you can kind of fix it by just pushing!
Colourpop lunch money highlighter
I personally am a huge fan of the formula. It is creamy, but applies beautifully on top of powders, and it is sooo easy to apply and blend out. Never thought I would be such a huge fan of cream highlighters but these from colourpop are amazing! 

Colourpop lunch money highlighter review
It gives a really healthy looking shine on the cheekbones, which stays on the whole night, without looking oily/gross. And even though it is not an extreme highlight, it still looks really good in pictures too. Don't mind the lipstick stains. Life of a makeup lover haha!

Colourpop lunch money highlighter
Definitely a must have! A few months back I wrote about the kiko eyeshadow in 208 which i used as highlighter almost daily but this one replaced that one for sure. It's amazing!

What is your favorite highlighter?



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