Sunday, February 21, 2016


In the beginning of last year Anastasia came out with liquid lipsticks. I was really curious about them and decided to order two of them: Pure hollywood and American doll. I realized that I own these for quite a while now but that I never reviewed them on my blog. So that is why I'm reviewing them today.

The packaging is fine in my opinion. I'm not a huge fan of the silver and rose gold combination, but apart from that the desing looks really luxurious. 

I really like the applicator. It applies the product smoothly and works quite precise in my opinion.

The texture of the lipstick is quite thick and heavy in my opinion. It is easy to apply because it's not so runny, but it is not so comfortable to wear. Also, it is quite drying, but you'll have this with any liquid lipstick. Exfoiliating your lips and wearing a lip balm is a must. The wearability of the lipsticks is very long. Throughout the day you'll barely have to touch up, so that is great!

I got the colors pure hollywood and bloodline. Pure hollywood was a bit lighter then I expected and it looks a little strange on me. That's why I like to pair it with a darker lippencil to make it look a bit more wearable. Bloodline is a gorgeous red with a slight hint of orange.

I really like these lipsticks, especially bloodline, despite the fact that they are quite drying. These lipsticks don't budge throughout the day. So worries about your bold lip fading or smudging! I love it!
Which brand makes your favorite liquid lipsticks?