Sunday, February 7, 2016


Today I'll show you an cheap way of organizing your  makeup. The acrylic boxes look amazing, but I'm not going to spend 80 euros on just a box. And I think there are a lot of girls who think the exact same thing. That is why I decided to write this post. If you want to get some inspiration or want to know how to organize your makeup without spending a lot of money on organizers keep on reading!
This box is actually a box for candles, which I got from Xenos for only 3 euros. There used to be a lid on top but I screwed that off. Here I store all my powders: face powders, bronzers, contour powders, highlighters and blushes. But you can also store your foundations, pencils, mascaras and lipglosses in it if you would prefer that.

This I got from Action for 5 euros. Also this used to have a lid which I took off. The top has 3 compartments. There I store my foundations, primers and my anastasia beverly hills contour palettes and concealers. In the drawer below I store my lipglosses.
cheap makeup storage ideas

The remaining part of my makeup I store in these drawers. These are from Action for 3 euros per set of 3. I bought these years ago, when my makeup collection was starting to grow. I have to be honest with you: I don't really like the look of it but it is very convenient. Here i mainly store my brow products, eye pencils, small eyeshadow palletes, single eyeshadows, macaras, lashes, glitters, pigments and eyeliners.

Inexpensive ways of organizing makeup

The lipstick holders are from ebay and are 3 to 4 dollars each. It really gives me a clear overview of all colors I have and it looks good too, right? I organized them on brand starting with the purples and followed by reds, corals, pinks and nudes. This makes finding the shade I want a bit easier.

I currently keep my eyeshadow palletes in this pink box from HEMA, which is around 3 euro's. You can also use some post organizers, magazine racks or desk file organizers if you are going to put it on your desk. I personally think that would look more cute, but since I store my palletes in a cabinet (the space I have left in my room for makeup is pretty small) I think the pink box would be a bit more safe.
cheap makeup storage ideas

I store my makeup brushes in small candle jars. At the moment I use really old ones which are a bit too small, so I'll replace them really soon. You can fill these jars with anything you want: coffee beans, glass beats, salt or whatever you can think of!

how to organize makeup brushes

Inexpensive ways of organizing makeup, cheap ways

How do you organize your makeup?