Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Over the last 2 year Colourpop has been extremely popular but unfortunately it wasn't possible for me to buy their products since they don't ship to the Netherlands. Or at least, that is what I thought. After joining some makeup groups on facebook I found out that there was this group called "Colourpop fanatics ". There is this amazing girl, Adelina, who buys the products and then sends them to you. (Also in other groups such as "Dutch makeup loves" you can order in groups) Today I'll show you what I bought.

Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks Bad habbit, More better, Beeper, Bumble, Chilly Chili and Tulle
From left to right: Bumble, more better, bad habbit, tulle, beeper, chilly chili
The first thing I picked were the ultra matte liquid lipsticks in the shades Bad habbit, More better, Beeper, Bumble, Chilly Chili and Tulle. I'm so excited to try these beautiful colours out!

To be honest, I used to be really excited about the lippie sticks, but since they came out with liquid lipsticks I didn't really pay a lot of attention to the lippie sticks. The only colour I wanted for sure was Brink, which I had been eyeing for a really long time now. I didn't get the matching lip pencil, but instead I chose for Aquarius, which is a lippencil created by KathleenLights from youtube. Aquarius should be extremely similar to Kylie Jenner's Candy K, so I'm really excited about that one too.

Colour pop weenie, game face, get lucky, on the rocks
Colour pop weenie, game face, get lucky, on the rocks
Another thing I was really curious about were the eyeshadows. I mainly was looking for shimmery/metalic colours that I could wear on the lid. I picked the colours Game face, get lucky, weenie and on the rocks. You'll see a lot of tutorials comming up soon with these beauties!

And last but definitely not least I got a highlight. I love highlighters. At first I chose 4: Wisp, Lunch money, Stole the show, Spoon and Smokin' whistles. Fortunately, for my wallet, I was able to tone it down to only one: Lunch money. This is a really light gold highlighter. I love it! Unfortunately I received it broken, but it is really easy to make it look pretty again due to the formula!

And that was my colourpop haul!
Which products do you own? And which ones are on your wishlist?