Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I've always loved wearing hair extentions. For the persons who don't know: I started wearing hair extentions when I was 14 years old and tried 4 different brands so far. I always really enjoyed wearing them, but since my hair has grown a lot over the past years and I dyed it a darker I can't wear my old ones anymore. So when Irresistible me contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out their hairextentions I couldn't say no ofcourse! Today I'll be reviewing these gorgeous Irresistible Me hair extentions and show you a before and after.

royal remi medium brown 22 inch
Irresistible me sells styling tools, wigs and 4 types of clip-in hair extentions: Silky touch, Royal Remi, Volume vixen (260 grams) and clip in ponytails. The lenght of the extentions vary from 14 inch up to 24 inch. I ordered the Royal Remi 22 inch (200 grams) clip in extentions in the color Medium brown. I picked this style because the thickness of the hair would be the same from the top to the bottom. To be completely honest with you, that wasn't really the case. The top was really thick but the ends were quite thin in my opinion. But maybe that's just the set I received.

How cute is this packaging! When you open the box you'll find this. First you have to open the right side to check if it is the right color for you. At first sight the color seemed to be too dark for me but after cliping it blended really well and it looked fine. After checking, and you decide to keep the extentions, you can open the left side. 
The extentions are double-wefted, which basicaly means that each piece is twice as thick as single-wefted extentions because 2 wefts are sewed together. The clips on the hair extentions are really strong so your hairextentions will stay in place all day.
The hair extentions feel really soft and have a nice natural shine. They are made of human hair and therefore you can use heat on them and curl or style them any way you would like. 

My own hair is already quite long and is really thick and besides that it is a little wavy. Be aware that this makes blending in harder and will take more time.

before and after
As I mentioned before, because my hair is really thick and a bit wavy it doesn't blend nicely right away. I have to say that this is with any brand of hairextentions, no matter how great they are. The fact that the ends are quite thin also play a role in it as well. That is why I'll show you after-styling pictures.

medium brown before and after
before and after medium brown
As you can see it gives lots and lots of volume to my hair! I love it! 
My final impression? I really love these extentions: they are soft, blend nicely after styling, match my hair really well and give my hair so much volume! It makes me feel really confident  when wearing them. Personally, I'm going to cut of 3 inch which will make blending in a lot easier for me and will make it look even more natural.

medium brown 22 inch

If you have any questions let me know! I would love to help you out 



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