Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Today I'm reviewing another LUSH product: Angels on Bare Skin. I don't know what took me so long to write about this. It truly is one of my favorite products of all time just like LUSH Ultrabland (Click here for a review). And today I'll tell you why. So let's just start right away!

The product itself looks a little bit strange. After I remove all my makeup, I mix it with a little bit of water in the palm of my hand and then distribute it all over my face. It still is quite clumpy, but that's fine. Then I gentely rub it all over my face, mainly focussing on the T-zone. hat that I just step into the shower and wash it all off.
lush angels on bare skin
After I'm done showering my skin feels so extremely soft. It really has never felt this good. I usually have dry patches in between my eyebrows and around my nostrils, but I noticed a huge difference after using this product. And because my skin looks a lot better and feels more even, my makeup looks a lot better too! Another thing that I really like is the fact that LUSH only uses natural ingredients. I have the idea that  my (quite) sensitive skin reacts a lot better on it and that that's why the products are more effective for me.

I really recommend this product to anyone who has very dry to normal or sensitive skin! It's not expensive at all and it will last for quite a while. I'm sure you'll love it!

Did you ever try something from LUSH?

Loïs said...

Ik heb zelf een badschuim van LUSH, maar een verzorgingsproduct voor mijn gezicht lijkt me ook heel fijn.

Anonymous said...

I tried that with my girlfriend ,made a huge difference

Gea W said...

Lush moet heel fijn zijn, toch maar eens langs de winkel. Leuk product.

xFrancoise said...

Ja, zou je zeker moeten doen! :)

Esmée Lifestyle said...

Ik hou van Lush. Wat fijn dat dit maskertje je droge plekjes laat verdwijnen. Lush is ook echt mijn favoriete merk, vanwege mijn droge en gevoelige huid. x


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