Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Personally, it took me a really long time to find a good eyebrow routine that actually worked for me. Until a while a go I just did something. It didn't look bad at all, but it my brows didn't look as sharp and full as I wanted them to look. Today I'll show step by step how I do my eyebrows and how I make them look a little sharper and fuller using powder.

Let's start!
This is what I start with. Usually I do my foundation before i start with my eyebrows. 

The first thing I do is combing all the hairs downwards. This will make doing your brows a lot easier because you apply the product right onto the skin.

 Then I start applying some powder (anastasia beverly hills: medium brown). I dont start in the beginning of the brow, because this will make it look really harsh. Instead I start around the first 1/3th. I place the brush on the skin and push the product down: into the brow. You can decide to outline the upper part of your brow first (which I don't do here), which will make the brow look a bit sharper, but you have to be very careful with it.

 Then it will look like this. I know, it doesn't look good at this point. But be patient. I also didn't do the tail yet. I'll leave that for later.

 Now I brush up all the hairs. It already starts to look a lot better.

 I repeat the same thing but this time at the lower part of my brow. Also here I place my brush and start pushing the product upwards: into the brow. Also here you can decide to outline your brow first, to make it look sharper, but it will make it less natural.

 This is the result. Now i'll start with the tail of the brow.

 I basically repeat the steps. I place the brush in the tail and push the product into the brow. Here I use a darker powder (bodyshop: medium) because I want my tail to be a bit darker so it will match my hair color better.

 Brush the tail upwards and fill it in.

 Now I'm almost finished. The only thing i need to do is the very beginning of the brow. I use the same brush with the left over product and gently fill it in. After that I apply some brow gel (HEMA) so my brows will stay in place all day.

And this is the end result. Because this is a close up it looks a bit less natural than it does in person. As you can see my brows got quite a bit darker because I wanted them to match with my hair color, but if yo want to keep it lighter you can just use a lighter powder ofcourse.

I hope this was helpful for some of you! If you want to see a tutorial for a bit of a bolder eyebrow, let me know!

Gabrielle Crystal RoseBonniee said...

Wonderful! You are so beautiful woman!Pekné fotky!♡

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BeautyLoves said...

Handige stap voor stap! Ik gebruik zelf graag een potloodje, zoals de Anastasia Brow Wiz. Maar zo'n naturelle wenkbrauwlook is helemaal mijn ding!

Anonymous said...
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