Tomorrow is New Year's eve, so I thought it would be nice to create a look for it. My sister volunteerd as my next victim. Because she has amazing green eyes I decided to make this green cat eye look. This look can be worn to any party, or even daily if you would like and it will look great on so many people. Let's start!
green eye makeup, makeup for green eyes, cat eye tutorial, how to apply eyeshadow
 So today I have a really exciting post! I'm doing a christmas collaboration with the beautiful Miah from Miah Ke-leigh. I created this gold eyelook with a classic red lip. If you're curious which products I used keep on reading! ❤ In the end of this article you can also find a bit more wearable lip option if you prefer wearing a nude lip. Hope you'll enjoy!
Personally, it took me a really long time to find a good eyebrow routine that actually worked for me. Until a while a go I just did something. It didn't look bad at all, but it my brows didn't look as sharp and full as I wanted them to look. Today I'll show step by step how I do my eyebrows and how I make them look a little sharper and fuller using powder.

When Estée Lauder launched the limited edition Heatwave highlighter two years ago it was sold out so quickly that I wasn't able to get my hands on it. So, when I found out that Kiko had a dupe for it, I had to have it. As far as I know we don't have a Kiko store in the Netherlands (yet). So when i was in Lisbon last holiday and accidentely found a Kiko store I finally bought the Kiko water eyeshadow in 208. 
estee lauder heatwave dupe, mac whisper of gilt dupe
Kiko water eyeshadow in 208
Today I'm reviewing another LUSH product: Angels on Bare Skin. I don't know what took me so long to write about this. It truly is one of my favorite products of all time just like LUSH Ultrabland (Click here for a review). And today I'll tell you why. So let's just start right away!


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