Wednesday, November 18, 2015


When i saw Fyza Ali (@soniaxfyza) talking about this product on Instagram, saying how amazing it worked on dry skins, I needed to have it. My skin has been extremely dry lately and therefore I hadn't been able to wear makeup often because it just looked awful. I've been using this product for a while now, and i can tell you: it works wonders!

lush ultrabland

I've been a huge fan of Lush products lately. Angels on bare skin is amazing, and so it Ultrabland. Ultrabland is an oil based cleanser. It takes off my makeup so easily and leaves my skin fresh and clean. It makes my skin feel like a baby's bum: so soft and smooth!

But you can also use it before applying makeup, which is wat Fyza recommended. I use it before I put on makeup, let it sit for a while (around 5 minutes or so), and then gentle rinse it off. It cleans and moisturizes my skin really well. After that I like to apply a moisturizer, a primer, and then start with my makeup. I really noticed a huge difference in the way my makeup applies and looks.

And this is what the product looks like. You don't need a lot of product to remove your makeup with, so one jar will last quite a while. I leaves a slightly oily layer on the skin, which isn't a problem for me at all, but people with normal to oily skin probably won't be a fan of it.

I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry to normal skin.I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My skin is definitely not as dry and my foundation looks a lot smoother and it doesn't clinge to dry patches anymore. It really works wonders!

What is your favorite Lush product?



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