Sunday, November 8, 2015


Yes, you read that right. Liquid lipsticks for only $2 per piece! I found these liquid lipsticks on Ebay and had to give them a try. I bought 4 different shades: 18, 26, 32 and 33. Today I'll share my thoughts on these lipsticks and let you know if they are worth trying out. 

$2 me now liquid lipsticks

The packaging is really simple: long plastic tubes, nothing fancy. On the inside it has a lipgloss applicator, which actually has a really good quality. By the way, on the packaging says that it's a lipgloss, but don't really pay attention to that, because it's not true. 
The lipstick itself is okay. The pigmentation is great, it stays on really long, and Me Now has a great color selection. I found the lipsticks quite drying, so i have to exfoiliate my lips and apply a lipbalm first, otherwise they just won't look as good. Besides that, they are also really sticky, even when they are dry.

cheap liquid lipsticks
Me now liquid lipsticks in 18, 26, 32 and 33
The shades from left to right: 18, 26, 32 and 33.  My personal favorite is 26. The swatch is only with one swipe. As you can see, the lipsticks have a lot of pigment. They really hard to get off, even at the end of the day. You really need to use an oil, because with most makeup removers you won't come far.

 If you don't mind the stickiness, you really should try these out, but for me these just didn't work.



Iris said...

They look quite good for such cheap products though! Sucks that they are sticky.. that's always annoying, wouldn't work for me either!

Manon Boerakker said...

zien er mooi uit

xFrancoise said...

Yes, wish they weren't sticky, then i would have bought so many of these!